This is a picture of me.

Hello, my name is Alicea Hoffman; I am a student at Texas State University who is in the process of getting a major in Public Relations, with a minor in Business Administration. I hope to travel the world with my degree even though I am not quite sure what I want to do for a job yet. I hope to get set up with a good internship soon, or even start at a global company once I graduate. Right now, I do not want to tie myself down to one idea too early, because I want to make sure I stay open to anything while I am young.

Growing up I was convinced for the longest time that I was going to go to college out of state. Clearly that ended up not being the case. I have fallen in love with Texas and do not plan to leave it any time soon. Once I get set up in my career, which will hopefully include traveling the world, I still want Texas to be my main home. It's a beautiful state and I'm no longer willing to sever my ties to it.

Some of my passions include working out, photography, hiking, and drinking the love of my life: coffee. Becoming more in shape and being active helps me destress and get away from it all, because even when it feels like my life is out of control keeping myself in shape is something controlable. Hiking is something I try to do at least oncea a month because surrounding myself with nature and removing myself from technology for a time is soothing in a way nothing else is. My love of photography comes from the fact that the ability to look back on a beautiful moment is priceless, and photos always help make memories of the past clearer. Finally, coffee is something that helps me ground myself in times of great turmoil; it is my comfort food, and whenever I'm in a coffee shop drinking it nothing can touch me.

Dream Travel Destinations

  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Hawaii
  • France
  • Scotland
  • England


Shows Colors Animals
The Witcher Blue Dogs
Lie to Me Mint Wolves
That 70s Show Indigo Horses